Falcon Family Recipe – Debbie’s Nan’s Russian Cream


Debbie’s Nan’s Russian Cream

During this time of lockdown we’ve asked members of the Falcon Team to share favourite family recipes that you can try at home.  Last week Rupert shared his Ratatouille with us and this week it’s Food and Beverage Manager Debbie’s turn to share a much loved family recipe with you; her Nan’s Russian Cream. 


As a girl I remember my Mum making this dessert or pudding and it turns out her Nan made if for her, and her Nan before her. So this is a fifth generation family recipe. 

This dessert/pudding was a special treat and immediately reminds me of our family teas and the pleasure of all of us being together, around the table, not forgetting the large bowl of home-made clotted cream. 

I also like this recipe because it is so simple with a very few ingredients, all of  which were readily available from our family farm or the corner shop. Creamy and sweet, it immediately takes me to my childhood.


1 pint milk
Half oz gelatine
1 cupful caster sugar
2 eggs
A few drops of Vanilla exract


Soak the gelatine in warm water for quarter of an hour.
Separate the egg yolks from the white.  Put the whites to one side. 
Then whisk the yolks with the gelatine and sugar.
Whisk the whites very stiffly and set aside. 
Bring the milk to the boil and pour into the yolk, sugar and gelatine mixture and boil together for two minutes. 
Then pour upon the whites and add the Vanilla.  
Mix lightly and pour in to mould. 


It’s as easy as that!  We’d love to know if you try Debbie’s Nan’s recipe at home and please do take a photo and share on our social media platforms, it would be brilliant to see your pictures.  


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Please take care of yourselves and each other.

See you soon.

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